Medical cleaning

With decades of professional cleaning experience, Hygienex Cleaning Group is your most trusted medical cleaners in Melbourne. Our level of expertise and competence in the medical clinic goes beyond just a cleaning service.

We ensure that every detail is taken care of remarkably to the greatest degree to ensure that your medical practice quality control is thoroughly met to prevent the spread of viruses, pathogens, infections, germs and bacteria.

We offer the highest quality of medical cleaning services that covers any medical practitioner including dental offices, hospitals, pharmacies, health care clinics, medical labs and offices for doctors and nurses. Our tailor-made medical services are catered specifically for your medical facility to best evaluate and minimise the level of contaminants.

The qualified team from Hygienex are more than capable of providing superior cleaning services to ensure compliance with cleaning standards in medical clinics. We adhere closely to the strict rules and regulations set out by the Victorian Ministry of Health and constantly monitor the level of cleanliness and contaminants.

Our sanitisers and disinfectant cleaning products are specially graded and approved to be used in hospitals and medical practices across Melbourne. The Hygienex team of specially trained medical cleaners has the expertise in safe and proper disposal of medical waste that complies with the strict health rules to ensure the safety of and protection of patients, visitors and medical staff.