Floor Stripping & Sealing

Is your floor’s top layer wearing thin because of continuous traffic? Then consider our stripping and sealing services in Melbourne to keep your floor safe and easy to clean. Resealing the surface of your floor will protect it from marks and scratches. A quality sealer also keeps your floor maintenance process easy as dust and residue won’t stick. 


Our strip and seal process generally involves removing the old sealer and adding new layers of sealer to the floor. We can perform a full strip of sealant from various flooring surfaces, such as vinyl tile. You can expect us to use a high-quality stripper solution and sealer to get the job done right. 


How often you should have your flooring stripped and sealed depends on the condition of your floor. Flooring in a house tends to last longer due to low amounts of use and traffic. These can be resealed every three to ten years. On the other hand, a commercial floor has a lot more traffic. They usually need to be stripped and sealed every one to two years. 


A strip and seal can be very challenging and time-consuming. That is one reason why you should always turn to the professionals. We make sure to use the right solution and treatment on each of our customer’s flooring. This attention to detail ensures you are getting an efficient strip and seal that extends your floor’s life.